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Quotable Quotes

left quoteAs an experienced journalist and well established author, Randy Ray has a wide network of contacts. These he exploited to the fullest in providing excellent TV and radio publicity for my biography of Sir William Van Horne and my one self-published book, Capital Lives. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.right quote

— Valerie Knowles, author of nine books, including From Telegrapher to Titan: The Biography of William C. Van Horne, Ottawa, ON.

left quoteRandy Ray has done a fantastic job of obtaining media coverage of our business. Before working with Randy we contacted and sent out customized press releases to all TV, Radio, and newspapers in our area and got zero response. After hiring Randy we were featured in almost every major media source in the Ottawa area, which has generated dramatic increases in traffic to our website. Randy's services have been by far our most effective (and cost-efficient) form of advertising so far. Highly recommended!right quote

— Anthony Fritz & Justin Clark, founders, CitySales.ca, Ottawa, ON

left quoteWhen our authors ask us for publicity advice in Canada, we recommend Randy Ray. His contacts are great, his service is impeccable, and his fee for service structure ensures that you get the best for your investment. Others may tell you what to do; Randy gets it done.right quote

— Serena Williamson, President, Book Coach Press, Ottawa, ON.

left quoteRandy was instrumental in the public launch of Helping for a United Good. He was tasked with ensuring media would provide coverage of the launch of our charity. As luck would have it, our target date coincided with other major news events, yet Randy prevailed and coverage both at a local and regional level was achieved.right quote

— Mark Macy, Chairperson, Helping for a United Good, Ottawa, ON.

left quotePromotion and marketing play an essential role in an author's success. Randy Ray was instrumental in getting me interviews with the A Channel TV in London, Ontario, and a lengthy interview with a local newspaper. Randy always answered my emails promptly and spared no effort to promote my books and me. I recommend him as a publicist!right quote

— Rene Natan (pen name for Irene Gargantini), author of The Collage (the 2004 bestseller of Creative Guy Publishing), Mountains of Dawn, Cross of Sapphires, Operation Woman in Black, The Jungfrau Watch and several short stories, London, ON.

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