Randy Ray - Publicist
“I'll Get Your Message Out”



Randy Ray helps authors, publishers, businesses, associations and charities secure interviews, feature stories, and reviews in some of the most important broadcast and print media in Canada, including CBC Radio, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and CTV News.

Your project, whether it's a new book or the launch of an innovative product or service, could be the next to appear in these and other media outlets. And the cost of getting your name into the public eye will be very affordable.

If anyone knows how to land publicity it's Randy.

Unlike most publicists, Randy, an experienced Canadian journalist, freelance writer and author, has worked on both sides of the fence. As a newspaper reporter, he was pitched story ideas by the boatload and developed a keen sense for news and feature ideas that were worthy of coverage.


As a result, he knows better than most what it takes to grab the attention of the editors, book reviewers and TV and radio producers who will give a project publicity. And he knows which editors and producers and which media outlets are worth approaching.

Randy's publicity services start with a free consultation and are tailored to fit your marketing goals and ideal level of media exposure, as well as your budget.

He'll help you define your target audience and identify the print publications, broadcast media and Web sites that are best suited to your audience. Then, he'll develop a pitch and other press materials and explore ways to tie you and your product or service to current events or interesting local, regional or national news angles to maximize interview and event opportunities.

After sending a pitch and press materials to selected media, he will follow up with each contact. He'll then work with you to send review copies of your book or samples of your product and accompanying press materials to interested media, and later contact them to set up interviews and confirm articles and reviews.


He'll also coach you in how to handle interviews and offer valuable advice about media events, such as book signings and product launches. If you are an author, he will provide tips on how to get your book into book stores and other retail outlets. And he's happy to arrange media tours.

Rest assured, Randy won't take 'no' for an answer in the pursuit of media coverage. If one editor or producer turns down his pitch, he'll be banging on doors in pursuit of other publicity opportunities for you and your project. You'll be surprised by some of the innovative techniques he will use to get you and your message onto the air and into print.

Hiring Randy Ray as your publicist takes much of the guesswork out of the all-important promotion process. And he'll generate loads of publicity. Click here for testimonials.

Click here to contact Randy.

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